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For many residents of South Shore, Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts and South Coast regions, mosquitoes and ticks have become a massive issue. Mosquito Shield’s mosquito and tick control are the answer to dealing with those unwanted pests. We take pride in providing you with the best possible answers for controlling ticks and mosquitoes in your backyard.

Our services include:

• Monitoring the Locations of Mosquitoes and their Breeding Areas
• Spraying for Ticks and their Breeding Areas
• Inspecting and Evaluating your Property
• Pinpointing Breeding Grounds on your Landscape

Don’t live in fear of mosquitoes or ticks. Once our technicians service your property, you won’t have to worry about sharing the outdoor environment around your home with unwanted pests. Experience allows us to pinpoint crucial areas where the insects gather and plan their next assault.

How We Do It

We use a unique spray technology ensuring excellent results. Our vector trained technicians monitor your property to control the mosquito population and apply our treatment to the areas where insects live and breed, including your patio or deck. Our mosquito control service includes paying attention to changes in weather patterns and modifying our spraying techniques and products when necessary. We consistently provide excellent solutions that work.

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Benefit from Superior Results and Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Once you decide to contact our office and schedule the service, you have taken the first step to living a lifestyle without unwanted pests. We are proud to offer the best mosquito control in your area and take pride in providing you with the best possible solution for getting rid of ticks and mosquitoes. We are passionate in our pursuit to get rid of the mosquitoes and ticks dwelling on your premises. Although it is impossible to live in a world free from flying, biting insects, we do our best to transform your personal space into an oasis. Once our technicians complete the task, you and your guests can once again enjoy the beauty of South Shore, Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts and South Coast regions.