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Like much of the Northeast, MA is home to an alarmingly large tick population. Ticks are external parasites that need blood to survive, so they target you, your pets and your children and feed by attaching themselves to your skin. Unfortunately, many ticks carry serious diseases such as Lyme disease, and they may be hiding in your grass, gardens and play areas. Tick control spray may be your best bet against these parasites.

Ticks Are a Serious Health Threat

Many tick bites go unnoticed, and symptoms of Lyme diseases may not develop until weeks after the bite occurs. Mild, early symptoms include fever, rash, fatigue, and headache. If left unrecognized and untreated, Lyme disease can lead to serious long-term complications including neurological damage, arthritis, heart abnormalities and cognitive problems. A child or adult bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease may suffer for months or years before the illness is resolved. Some health professionals recommend using insect repellant, but many chemical repellents have not been effectively tested against ticks, and even those that have been are not always 100 percent reliable. They often require
repeated application. Besides their obvious weaknesses, repellents do nothing to reduce the tick population, which is the real problem.

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We Have Your Perfect Solution for Tick Problems

While there are some over-the- counter tick control products available, it takes much more than a spray from a grocer’s shelf to effectively kill ticks and other annoying insects on your property. Given the possible consequences of a tick bite, you need powerful protection that you can trust. Our professionally applied tick spray for your yard both kills and repels ticks, eliminating the ticks that are already in your yard, and acting as a preventative barrier to keep new ticks away. Unlike personal repellent sprays, you don’t have to wear it on your skin or clothes to reap its benefits.

Thorough Coverage Delivers Comprehensive Control

Our trained technicians help protect your family by targeting common use areas where children and adults could come into contact with ticks including yards, decks, patios and swing sets. They also pay special attention to places where ticks are known to congregate and breed. Our proven tick control spray formula adheres to wood, stone, brick, vegetation and other organic materials to ensure complete coverage and lasting protection. It creates a virtual barrier against live insects that strengthens with each visit.

You don’t have to live in fear just because you live in an area where ticks are prevalent, and you don’t have to deal with messy repellents to live a healthy outdoor lifestyle. To enjoy reliable, season-long protection from biting ticks, contact us today for more information.